Scifi | Noise some, Words some

Harland Quarrington, Wikimedia Commons


Intercepted email correspondence, September 8th, 2016:

“So I ran an open source speech recognition system on the ambient office background noise, and it came up with this. I really like it for some reason. You can see the system straining to understand, and create structure out of chaos.”


Welcome to all. And. It is often small.
All in all.
Much of it.
The oldest models.
All of them all.
Off. The box office.
Wasn’t it.
Which was just as well.
It’s yours.
Somewhere. It.
You watch once. It was <unk>.
But. I was amazed. The jungle.
No. But. Of all. A. Swann.
The city also.
Why are we all.
The beach off.
U s.
But. I.


Dr Gerard Lynch enjoys performing seemingly frivolous tasks using complex computer systems. He is currently at a health tech startup in London.